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Since 1990 Waymarks Radio Ministries has been sending Christian literature and radio programs of strong Bible teaching to many parts of the world -- for the purpose of teaching new Christians as well as establishing churches in the faith.  The Bible Book of Hebrews records these words:

    “For when for the time you ought to be teachers, you (instead) have need that someone teach you again what are the first principles of the oracles of God – and are become such as have need of milk and not of solid food (strong meat).  For everyone that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe.
     “But strong food belongs to those who are of full age, even to those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.”

This web site will show you strong messages about vital Bible subjects that we offer free of charge from our radio ministry.

To request printed articles or tracts or email versions – write by email to our ministry at waymarks.usa@gmail.com or write by postal mail to the address at the end of this site.  For paper copies be sure to give your mailing address.

A selection of printed articles and tracts available on request from Waymarks on email or hard copy.
“AT THE TIME OF THE END”. Explanation of Bible prophecy from Daniel 11 & 12 of world events from World Wars One and Two until the return of Christ and the resurrection. So, the time is short.
THE PROBLEMS WITH FREE WILL. Are we eternally saved by the free exercise of God’s will or man’s will?  Who is it that determines who goes to heaven and who goes to hell?  -- God or man? The Bible has the answer.
DOES GOD LOVE THE PEOPLE IN HELL?  Would he send someone he dearly loves to hell forever?  This a hard question that needs to be answered scripturally.

WHO ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL?  We know who the children of God are -- but whom did Jesus Christ call the children of the devil?
THE TULIP ACROSTIC.   The famous list of the 5 points of theology that have divided Christian people for a long time.
WHO ARE THE ELECT?  The Bible speaks many times of God’s “elect”.  Who are these people?
GROWING UP WITH GOD.  Does every believer need a “born again” testimony to prove he is “saved”?  Is being born again an identifiable experience, or a present reality?
DIVORCE CAN BE DANGEROUS. Many marriages in Africa have been saved by a reading of this tract.
THE ROMAN ROAD REVISITED. (This is a booklet) Romans, chapter ten, is not a road to heaven.  That is not its context.
SAVED FROM WHAT?  The word “saved” in the Bible is usually misapplied to those who are born again and going to heaven.  This assumption leads into many wrong beliefs and ideas.
WHO ARE “SHEEP AND GOATS”?  Jesus said he came to save his lost sheep and divide them from goats.  Who are they – and who are goats?    
WILLINGLY WALKING INTO THE DARK. Why did Adam eat of the forbidden fruit -- when New Testament scripture shows that Eve was deceived but Adam was not deceived by the devil?
IS JERUSALEM STILL UNDER A CURSE?  What did Jesus mean when he pronounced coming destruction and persecution upon Jerusalem?
“A MIGHTY FORCE IN THE LAND.”  The presence of the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit in Christianity is not new at all, but has been happening from time to time ever since the Day of Pentecost.  But the factual reporting of it is lacking.
WHAT?  ME RAISE MY HANDS IN CHURCH?  WHY?  Scriptural reasons for the command for congregations to raise their hands in worship to God.
THE IMPORTANCE OF PAST EVENTS IN BIBLE PROPHECY.   Placing the Book of Revelation into the future is wrong. Most of it has already happened and can be easily traced.
METHODS OF INTERPRETING BIBLE PROPHECY. Words such as historicist, futurist, pre-mil, post-mil and a-mil explained.
AMERICA IN BIBLE PROPHECY.  Contrary to popular teaching today, the believing, active church of Jesus Christ is shown prophetically in Revelation.
THE GREAT IMAGE OF DANIEL 2 EXPLAINED IN HISTORY.  Seven great empires foreseen from Daniel to Revelation.
THE SEVENTY WEEK PROPHECY OF DANIEL, CHAPTER 9.  The exact number of years explained, stretching from Daniel to the time of Jesus Christ.  
THE NATIONS AT THE END OF TIME.  Daniel, chapter 7 prophetically shows the arrangement of nations preceding the second coming of Christ.
CODES IN REVELATION. There are phrases in the Book of Revelation that exactly identify Christ’s kingdom, Satan’s kingdom and what happens to them.
ISLAM AND THE BOOK OF REVELATION.  Within the past 1,400 years there have been two invasions by Islamic countries into the Christian part of the world.  This is seen in Revelation as 3 “woes” -- one by  Arabians in the 8th century against North Africa and Spain, and one by Turks against  southeast Europe in the 1,500’s.  We are now facing the third and last woe --- by the unified Islamic Middle East against the entire “Christian” world.

Special free offer of three CDs
These are special recordings of preaching by American Pastor Loren Henry Wilson to radio listeners in Africa in 2016.


Waymarks global satellite radio broadcasts can now be heard through your own computer at 10:00 on Saturday mornings through the WCWM radio web site: closerwalkmedia.com as well as on 67 other web sites around the world.  Our programs are also heard on digital radio, smart phones and iPads.

Waymarks is heard on popular shortwave radio in Southern Africa

Many Christian ministries are now broadcasting the gospel over shortwave radio to developing countries, such as former British colonies where English is widely taught and spoken.  Waymarks broadcasts are now covering several of the countries in the southern part of Africa where shortwave radio is very popular – and that do not have the large number of AM and FM radio stations that are found in industrial nations. Modern shortwaves travel long distances and can reach entire nations at a time.

Our Waymarks broadcasts are aired in Africa over shortwave station RADIO AFRICA # 2 which reaches many of the countries in Southern Africa. To determine whether it can be heard in your area, contact Pan American Broadcasting by email at robin@panambc.com

The publishing industry, of course being profit oriented,  likes to print what they think people like and will buy.  Today the books commenting on interpretations of the Book of Revelation are all about an awful end-time tribulation period that is supposed to come and your last chance of getting “saved”. But the main thrust of published writing on Revelation for 1900 years has been quite different, and has been about how the prophecies in Revelation fit in with past history and current events.

Loren Wilson has recently published a book, now on the market, that uses the old accepted method of interpretation, but with updating with recent history and current events – an also another  book explaining how God’s predestination and man’s assumed free will work together. They are available to order in book stores such as Barnes and Noble.  A description of these books can be seen by googling my full name, Loren Henry Wilson.  The two books are: THE LADY AND THE DRAGON, and FREE WILL AND PREDESTINATION.


Frequently, but at irregular intervals as the Spirit moves, we send out short commentaries on spiritual and cultural issues that we call “Waymarkers”.
You may already be on our mailing list, but if not, send us your email or postal address (if you do not do emails) to receive these.  Printed below are two examples of recent ones. 

Sending the Strong Word of God to Africa, Asia and the World by Internet and Radio

God’s Serious Law and Order for Our Homes

You may not approve of what you are about to read, so proceed with caution.  You may be shocked.

    First, a statement made by God Himself in chapter 3 of Genesis in our Bibles, “Unto the woman He (God) said, I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception.  In sorrow you shall bring forth children, and your desire will be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.”
There it is -- the offensive word.  It’s “rule”.  One might think that this is just an unfortunate old fashioned translation of a word, but we find the same in some of the newer translations of the Bible. Or we might think that this word no longer applies because it is in the Old Testament, and would not be found in the New. But no such thing, because the same principle of obedience to a ruler is also found in Ephesians 5:22: “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as unto the Lord.”
But don’t despair, all is not lost, because there is more to this than what immediately appears.  This does not mean that husbands should rule their families like a tyrant, with a big stick over everyone’s head –although there are sadly some husbands who try to do that.  But the developing norm in today’s western world is to give all family members equal authority – even the kids.  And we have all seen that played out in public places, with tragic results to everyone’s discomfort.
A good and effective king or leader of any kind is one who does not try to do or micro-manage everyone’s job, but rather only assumes final authority and leadership while everyone else carries out his own function. So, if a wife’s function is not that of equal ruler (and it is not) then what is it?  In I Timothy 5:14 we find this: “I will therefore, that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give no occasion to adversaries to speak reproachfully…”   So, if we look for a job description for wives and mothers, this is about it.  They are the guides of the home, which takes in just about all aspects of supervision there is.  She is the busiest one of all.  She has the most decisions to make of anybody.
That only makes sense. While Dad is out all day slaying dragons and bringing home the bacon, Mom has a house to supervise and run, and thank God for those who do it well! When Dad gets home there may be some final decisions to make – but usually not that often.
So which job is the harder?  Ruler or guide?  To my notion, and wonderful experience of being raised in a godly home, it is the guide. That can be the most difficult but also the most rewarding. However, in today’s world when job descriptions, titles and positions are so sought after, the hardworking position of being “just” a guide is fast losing its luster, and we find husbands and wives arguing and even separating over decisions and issues that supposedly determine ones “equal authority” and ideas of self-worth – but are usually of low importance.         
By the way, that passage in Ephesians (above) also commands husbands to love their wives.  And that does not necessarily mean feelings of fondness, but ACTS of loving kindness – whether hubby feels like it or not. Realistically, that means giving her and her choices, desires and preferences most of the time.  How many arguments would that stop?  This is the example that Christ gave in actively loving his sometimes rebellious church. And it works wonders.  Try it, men. Remember, as “ruler” you have the right to do that too.  It should be easy and pleasant for a wife to submit to a benevolent ruler like that.
Radio Pastor, Loren Henry Wilson

These articles are also available as tracts and may be ordered from WAYMARKS free of charge in lots of ten while supplies last.


The third and last
woe is here.

   International terrorism is not a new thing. It has happened before more than once, when hordes of head-chopping religious zealots swept out of the Middle East and went crashing against Europe.
Several centuries ago, in the country of Arabia, a new religion was begun that would severely impact the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ for centuries to come. According to some of the old Bible expositors such as the 18th century Baptist, Dr. John Gill, this new religion was a product of the spiritual underworld. Their holy book, The Koran, clearly stated that the followers of Islam were to take their message of forced submission to the whole world and that every person who did not submit should be killed.
 Unlike the message of Christianity, their holy book clearly stated that their goal was to conquer the world through fear, military force and utter submission. This new religion quickly began to spread, and its followers began to conquer large areas of the earth in the name of their new god they called "Allah." And that is still their goal as their forces fight under the modern name of “ISIS”.
The Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible shows us in prophetic imagery the panorama of coming events of this whole church age (AD) through which we have been passing.  And it also portrays the exploits of this unholy religion of Islam. (The word "Islam" means submission.)

The 5th Trumpet is the 1st “Woe”

*     The Bible's prophecy about Islam begins in chapter 5 of Revelation where there is described the opening of an abyss, or "bottomless pit," out of which a huge swarm of locusts comes. Dr. Gill, who obviously knew something about world history, saw a striking likeness between the loosing of these "locusts" and the spreading of the violent Islamic religion over North Africa and Spain in the 7th and 8th centuries. These "Saracens," as they were then called, swept across North Africa, then through Spain and into France, chopping heads as they went -- wherever their victims would not become confessed Muslims as their holy book commanded. And the Islamic religion became firmly entrenched wherever they rode.

The Three Woes

*        This era of tragic history was introduced by a prophetic scripture, in Revelation 8:13: "And I beheld and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels which are yet to sound!"
This prophetic declaration describes three "woes" that seem to represent the three great thrusts that the Islamic world would be making against the Christian West. The Arab invasions in the 8th century would be the first woe, when they captured the whole of Northern Africa and then Spain  -- all former Christian ands -- for the Muslim religion.

The 2nd Woe

*The second woe came in the 17th century after the Turks had caught the fire of Islam, and the armies of their Ottoman Empire charged against "Christian" Europe from the southeast, that time going all the way into Austria before they were finally stopped at the gates of  Vienna.

The 3rd Woe

So those were the first two of the Revelation "woes." The third woe does not appear until chapter 11 of Revelation, verses 14-15, and there it is found in conjunction with the coming of Jesus Christ and the end of our age: "The second woe is past, and behold the third woe comes quickly. And the seventh angel sounded, and there were great voices in heaven saying, the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever."

The Purpose of the Woes

*        Between the episodes of these invasions against the Christians of Europe -- the Arab invasion, the Turkish invasion and now the huge rise of Islamic guerilla terrorism in our present time, there have been lulls in the spread of Islam and times of relative peace. But twice before and now three times we have seen the spirits of Satan and his demons stirring up the servants of Allah and this mighty religion of Islam again going on the warpath. Sometimes we hear people say that the tragedy of 9-11 was a wake-up call, and it certainly was. This stirring of Islamic fervor is now all around us, and our political leaders are having a hard time to explain it all. One thing is apparent to students of history (who are sadly few in number these days) -- and that is that these Islamic holy wars have happened twice before and now one is happening again. After all, there are three woes in the Book of Revelation, not just two.
          The Bible is plain that God himself causes wars and ends wars – all for his purposes.  The first woe in Christian times was sent against the decadent Roman Catholic church system in the seventh and eighth centuries -- that was increasing fast and desperately needed purging from its goal to control all the civilized world.  The second woe under the Turkish conquests was sent against the Catholic forces in the south of Europe in the sixteenth century when the Counter Reformation was in progress. The Roman Catholics were attempting to crush the Protestant defenders in the north.  This thrust by the Muslims relieved the Protestant regions in Northern Europe and helped save the Protestant Reformation – even though that was certainly not the intention of the Muslims.  God works in mysterious ways.
Now a look at today’s history in the making.  In today’s world God’s purpose in sending Islamic terror and destruction again could well be to restore the theology of the early church and the Great Awakening – and scourge churches in the Western World from unbelieving liberalism and Arminianism that is injuring the churches’ witness in these end times – therefore making us more ready to meet our Lord who is soon to come.  How this will be done is yet to be seen.
          But there is a significant difference between the two former conflicts and our present one. In the former times the military power of Christian North and Muslim South were close to being equal, and they twice ended in standoffs. But that is not the case today.  The "Christian" nations of our present world far outstrip the Islamic countries in every practical advantage, and primarily in industrial and military power.  Sooner or later the last war of Revelation 19 will come, and God’s forces will win the final conflict.  “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” Revelation 22:20.
Radio Pastor Loren Henry Wilson

This article may be copied freely.
For a historically clear exposition of Daniel and Revelation, on your computer, Google Loren Henry Wilson, and order the book, “The Lady and the Dragon” – also sold at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores.
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